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Which song by The Beatles is your favorite, and why?

Easy tie between "Julia" and "And I Love Her"
Hi all

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend. I am! I meet Richard and Rob and got to ask them questions at the panel. I was more nervous than I thought I would be. Wonder how it is going to be when I ask Jensen and Jared a question. I might not be able to. :P

I am 4 hours from going to the con today and I am working with only 5 hours sleep. And you know what it is awesome. :) This will be just a brief squee because I need to get ready for Jim and Misha today. \o/
Ahh a picture sandwiched between those is probably part of the reason I slept so little. That and partying until late last night. Crazy Karaoke.

Meet Richard Speight Jr (Trickster) and Rob Bendict (Prophet Chuck). Richard= major flirt. I mean major, meet him at the bar before the concert of Loudin Swain (Rob's band) and he is super outgoing, nice and flirtatious. Not that I blame him, cute girls flirting with him all night of course he is going to be. But he was a totally gentleman about it, not dirty which is made me really like him.

Now to Rob. The band was amazing and I am now a Swain groupie. I was surprised how good they were and he has a good voice. Also they sang "Jessie's girl". Love that song and love that he had to restart because he fumbled the word, I think because he was so excited to see so many fans there enjoying his music.
He is a sweetheart. Super funny and humble and basically a happier version of Chuck. He kept laughing to himself (I think out of nerves) throughout his panel. It was adorable. His panel so far is my favorite and all us fellow Rob lovers are called "Toliethoarders". Not the best nickname but it got a major laugh and blush from him so worth it. Also best part of his panel, Him doing a Yoda impression. Hope there is youtube or vids somewhere of it because it was made of so much win.

Anyway I must go just had to share because Friday is already a blur. Meeting so many cool people who are just as nutters for the boys and SPN as me. Also met my twin sitting down waiting for Rob panel. Basically she is like me but blonde, it is hilarious. Cool people. :)

Best part no fan fighting in our group and everyone is super chill cool people. Restores my hope in fandom. Seems like not all are crazy or maybe I just luckily have been not meeting them. I am having a blast and wish a lot of you guys who couldn't be here were because yeah it is a lot of money but it is really worth it. Talk to you all probably on Monday. Since the next two days are going to be long ones and I need my beauty rest for Sunday. Going back to bed at least for an hour more.

Hugs to all. Apologize for spelling errors and for writing all over the place. Hope it all makes sense. :)

Feb. 13th, 2010

Whether you celebrate it or not. Whether you think it is a holiday made by Hallmark and is pointless. I still want all my LJ buddies to accept my Valentine. :)

**Remember those cheesy Valentine cards we use to get in school. Ah I remember I would put my decorated paper bag so all my school friends could put silly little cards that had a gorilla on it saying "I go ape over you. Be my valentine". :)

thanks to hellybongo for the cute gif.

SPN meme questions choosen for me.

nicenicegirl asked some Supernatural questions for me to answer. :)

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:

Castiel. That tough little nerdy dude with wings has really made me like him this season. I just love how BAMF he has become and how the boys have an angelic ally. They need all the help they can get.

The character everyone else loves that I don't:

I am one of the few in fandom that likes all the characters and even the ones I don't like (looking at you Cassie and Anna) most of the fandom dislikes as well.

The character I love that everyone else hates:

Bela. I liked Bela's entrance in Bad Day at Black Rock and feel it was the writers fault that Bela didn't get a fair chance. She could have been an interesting character but they just didn't know what to do with her and how to include her into the series . Also the boys looked like idiots far too many times around her, I mean really Dean would just let her grab the Colt from their safe that easily. Come on! She might have been better as an one time guest star and not a series regular.

The character I used to love but don't any longer:

This is a toughie because I still love them all. But the closest one would be John Winchester but then again young John was kinda awesome so my love is on a see-saw with him.

The character I would shag anytime:

Easy, Dean! But I wouldn't kick out Sam either. Definitely both.

The character I'd want to be like:

Ellen. What a badass chick, even until the end. 'Nuff said. The minute she appeared in Everybody loves a Clown I liked her and her and Jensen had great chemistry.

The character I'd slap:

BDW. He is badass but man sometimes I just wanted to slap the character for how much he screwed up his boys.

A pairing that I love:

Oh so many. Dean/Carmen and Dean/Tessa. I so wanted him to meet up with Carmen in non-Jinn universe. She could have been a throw away character not to be remembered in the episode but she really cared for Dean and it was nice to see Dean with a girl that actually cared for him and wanted to be with him. Now Dean and Tessa, also was a great pair that I loved. I think it was the chemistry between the actors and just how supernatural beings just get Dean better than any humans. Man these boys are so tortured. :)
Sam/Jess. I just love how Sammy looked at her in the pilot and of course in Free to be you and Me. Just heartbreaking.
And of course Sam and Dean. Now I don't go for Wincest but I can see it sometimes. I mean the writers just spell it out blatantly sometimes. But I love their brotherly relationships so I love the brotherly paring, no one loves sam as much dean and vice versa.

A pairing that I hate:

I didn't hate it but I just didn't see it and I blame the actress more than anything. Dean/Cassie. Ugh, really couldn't stand it. I mean the character had potential and if I squinted really hard I could see why they were together. But just no, the writers need to give Dean a past girlfriend with better potential.

Favorite character:

My five favorite characters:
Dean, Sam, Bobby, Ellen, and youngMary.

My five least favorite characters:

Cassie, Anna (she had potential but I got annoyed by the random pop-ups and her basically being useless to the stories she was in. Really you show up in the back seat just to state the obvious. Losing Jimmy/Cas was a bad idea. Gee thanks.), nuMeg (the lisp is getting to me).

Which character I am most like:

None of them. I am not emotionally damaged enough I guess. :) But I guess most like Ash, I am smarter than I look and people are surprised by how much I really know. They assume because I am young looking that I am not bright. Not sure why. I have a PhD and when people find out they always get the dumbfounded look on their faces.

My deep, dark fandom secret:

Don't know if I have a deep dark fandom secret but I am slightly embarrassed by how much I love this show and how many times I have watched the series over and over. I tape the TNT repeats and I own the DVDs. Not to mention I have Dean saying my name as my ringtone. Wow that is really wrong.

Finally moved in and with internet access!

Hello all! I must say moving sucks and I am so glad I am finally done. Hopefully for awhile now. All the boxes have been emptied and I got my computer all hooked and I am finally catching up.

Between moving and wedding planning I can't believe it is the last week of January. Time does fly when you are busy.

First off I hope everyone had a good holiday season and that 2010 is looking great so far.
For me so far so good, I am finally with my fiancee in our new home and the dog and guinea pigs are settling in nicely. Only bad part it has been raining like I haven't seen it rain in SoCal in a real long time. I grew up around here and the last time I lived here and it was raining this much (well for California, this is a lot) was back in 1997. Luckily I love the rain so I am happy, except Californians need to learn to drive in the rain. When it rains don't speed up, Slow Down.

So I hope everyone is well. I know I have a lot of catching up to do in everyone's journals. Slowly but surely I will get back into reading and commenting.
I just wanted to thank all my LJ buddies that sent me cards for the holidays. Especially the Supernatural inspired ones. You guys are so creative and nothing is better than opening a card with Sam and Dean on the cover. Thanks so much and if I could give you all a hug in person I would so I will just send a virtual hug.

Thank you...typicalfemale , maddonna001 , littleone87 , thesarawithanh , kikayume , wesleyspuddin69 , sugarhi2468 , jessm78 , starcheckered , hilly27 , demondean , xtremeroswellia, country_bee , sweet_mel , maypirate , and lil_runningdeer

Also I want to say hi to all my new LJ buddies. Some I friended before I moved so I haven't had a chance to talk much to them lately so sorry about that but I can't wait to catch up. :)

Howdy... whispered_theme , bgreane , coyotesuspect, audrey , agoodinsane , lady_rock , sandsdream , alchemistic , nuyorkmoonlight , herecomeskrys , jo_herself , spider_monkey , ostentatious , goddessrockgeek , starcrossed , priestess_kaiba , theteagues , mrsdeppackles , petitemachine , ghettospellwork , thedamaged , bixbyfires , ineedsafe , wagrobanite , graymarks

Happy Tuesday all.

Sidenote YEAH new SPN this Thursday!!!!

WOW! and Moving Day

Thank you so much rightxhere for the lovely gift. You are awesome!

Well tomorrow is moving day so I must turn off my computer and I will not have internet access until after New Year's but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and I hope my flist has a great New Years and I will see ya all in 2010!


The kindness of people still amazes me.

You never know how much you are loved until something like what happened to me happens. I am moving and have a wedding to plan so I have been super stressed and busy. Well as part of a goodbye present, all the people in my office chipped in and got me a Spa certificate and a money gift card for 100 dollars.

When I opened the card at the goodbye party I nearly fell over from emotion. I was so overwhelmed from the kindness I couldn't believe everyone gave some of their hard earned money for me. :) It was so unexpected and nice. Again people amaze me and I just had to share.

Also I wanted to thank avrooml , the_dean_team , hugemind , nicocruch , causette , for the virutal gifts. What a pleasant surpise in my profile. It looks all loved and shiny.

Also thank you to everyone who has sent me a Christmas card so far. I haven't moved into my new place yet but my boyfriend who has, has been telling me about getting Christmas cards. So thank you and as soon as get there I will thank you guys individually.

Big Big hug to all.

** Shallow note I love my mood theme. Thanks again talulababy